Fresh Encountering Seminar




We are living in the 21st century where all of us need fresh air, fresh food, fresh drinks, fresh ideas, fresh looks and etc but we ignore the most important thing in life: 'A FRESH ENCOUNTER WITH GOD!'

God wants to call us to greater works and in order to do that we need Fresh Encounter with our Almighty God. We need to be willing to obey and tune into God's channel and seek His holy face. Why is it important to have Fresh Encounter with God? Fresh Encounter also brings us 'Anointing.' The triple 'O' Anointing: the Overcoming Anointing, the Overflowing Anointing and the Overwhelming Anointing. Fresh Encounter with God also brings the triple 'S' Power: the Supernatural Power, the Super Surpassing Power, the Super Sufficient Power.

Fresh Encounter with God brought about favour, blessings and success to Abraham. Genesis 12 is Abram's (later Abraham) first recorded encounter with God. Abraham who had Fresh Encounters with God became the Father of all Nations. He was blessed because He spent time listening to God. He succeeded in everything he did because God was pleased with him. Fresh Encounter with God brought Abraham to greater spiritual heights, and it is recorded in the Bible that God called him righteous because of his faith in God.

Enoch walked with God (Genesis 5:24). God is well-pleased with him that he didn't taste death. God just took him away. WOW! That's what we call AWESOME! Yes, our God is an Awesome God. He wants us to seek him with all our heart, he longs for us to have intimate relationships with Him. He is a Romantic God who wants to showers us His chosen people with Abundance Gifts, Blessings and most of all, His Glorious Presence.

Moses face was so radiant after he spent 40 days and nights with God at Mount Sinai. From a timid man, he became a brave leader, all because of Fresh Encounters with God.Fresh Encounter with God brings Great Revival, Breakthroughs and Victories to men and women of God.

Joshua's character was transformed when he had Fresh Encounters with God. He became bold and a great warrior after he had Fresh Encounter with God. Elijah was mightily used by God and when he prayed earnestly to God, there was no rain and when again he prayed to God, rain came pouring down. He even rained Fire from Heaven. He brought a widow's son back to life. He ran faster than a horse. He travelled forty days and forty nights with just the strength of one meal. WOW and WOW! 

Talk about FRESH ENCOUNTERS! These men of God spent time alone with God and they seek God. They didn't turn to the left or right, they kept their eyes on God. They knew God's voice because they meet God on a daily basis not an emergency basis. They called on God every day. They took Fresh Encounters very seriously. They do not play around with their devotion time. As a result of their obedience not only are they blessed but God used them mightily to bless others around them. They experienced the Power of God.

If we want to experience Great Revival, Breakthroughs and Victories for our lives, relationships, careers and ministries, we need to have Fresh Encounter with God.Fresh Encounter with God gave Daniel wisdom to interpret dreams and visions. God wants to clothe and empower us with strength from above, the Supernatural Strength and Power which are always accompanied with Signs and Wonders and not Sighs and Wander. God is looking for men and women after His own heart like David whom He anointed as King. God is calling us forward and not backwards, beloved into the promised land of Zion, full of honey and milk where we can hear the very heart beat of our Gracious Heavenly Father calling our names which He has  given to us, where He longs to birth into usNEW VISIONS, NEW MISSIONS.

We need to humble ourselves to seek Fresh Encounters with God on a daily basis because we can't live on yesterdays Anointing, we need Fresh Anointing, we can't live on stale bread, we need Fresh Manna. God never gives His people stale food, he gave them Fresh Manna and Fresh Quail. He knows that we can't depend on yesterdays' food to nourish our physical bodies. We need Fresh Encounters with God to feed our Physical and Spiritual man if we want to do great works of God.

Is it possible to have Fresh Encounters with God? Beloved, nothing is impossible to God (Luke 1:37). Start today by just waiting upon our good and faithful Lord and practise the following: W.H.O. : Willing, Humble, Obedient, Listen to Him, walk with him, talk to Him, most importantly enjoy the Fragrance of His Holy Presence, basked in His Eternal Love, adore and worship Him continually, seek His face forevermore. Now get ready to have FRESH ENCOUNTER with God.


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